Saturday, 31 March 2007

Goodbye Brokeback Mountain!

Just been on youtube. Various mixes added to scenes from B. Mountain. A powerful, moving film. Watched this several times at the cinema. Will not forget how choked I became at the end! An ideal match - 'Goodbye my Lover'!


Remember this series?? Best series ever! Was gutted when a new series wasn't scheduled, but it could have risked losing its appeal if they had stretched it out any further! Wasn't Vince far more cuter than Stuart?! Wasn't keen on Nathan at all! Was in Manc' last year - wasn't taken by Canal Street - expected far much more! May give it another go in near future!

Blogger back!

Am back. Was shocked Sally Fletcher was stabbed in Home & Away! not sure if she survives? Anyone help me out? Moving onto the other side (Neighbours). Anyone remember Billy Kennedy? Jesse Spencer? Was hot in his school days (wearing shorts). Kind of lost it now a bit. Waited for him to show up a the reunion - no show!

Watch this vid for more of him in action in the pool!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Summer Girls

Summer 99! One of my favourite tunes back then! Jordan Knight made a come back from NKOTB around that time 2! Was it true that they never made it big cos there were only 3 of them and not 5?! Can't recall any other songs by them really. But when I hear the track it makes me smile! Similar to Ultra - Say it Once.

Beautiful Thing

Huge Anus.

Boy I love this film. Need to head down to the area it was shot! Ste was in The Bill a few yrs back. Kept my close eye on that programme for a few months!


This was one of my fav' shows. Not on DVD yet!! Really annoying. Should have seen PC Dan a bit more!! This was my uni' fix!! Wished the tune to this had of been 'tender' by Blur! Anyway was good to get my quick fix of it back.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Well Well Well I Change My Mind

Tonight I certainly Made My Mind Up!
Am extremely pleased that Scooch made it in2 Eurovision! What a great performance - so fun! I liked a few tonight! Have I been drinking?? Changed my tune very VERY quickly!

Would you like a Complementary Drink with your meal Sir?!


Am i the only one who can't really stand this total load of nonsense. Don't get it?! Why is it that most of my mates love it and I can't stand it?! Terry ******* Wogan - hasn't he had his time presenting it?! Craig Doyle would be a more appealing substitute, although haven't seen him in a while, so wonder if he may have lost it (a bit like Ben Shepherd)?
Even though I didn't like it, a short while after Eurovision I begin to like some of the entries?! Drinking myself silly however helps me lose consciousness of the whole thing.